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03 July 2009

move site

move site

After recent trip to Johor, i have try to free up some time to review my routine life.

I write down my everydays activity, i study it one by one, ask myself why and how important of them in my life,

why i want to do this and that the very first decision.I slowly cut out some and rearrange some of it according to their priority to me, i mean my life.

So, for this blog that i started with, the first impression is to write about my past memory with my family, as for my little daughter , i decide to have a separate site, and now I have just register a new domain, and a new host.So i have a new blog for my little princess : www.foobouyuet.com, so from now on, i will post everythings about my sweet heart on this private blog.in case any of you like my little cute-cute, then you may visit this special site i purposely put online.hope you all will share my joy about my baby.

whereby for this blog, i will use it to be a space to remind my memory about my parent, my brother,my sister, my classmate and my friend.I hope my memory still capable to pick up my almost forgot memory, before it is too late.

17 June 2009

Just to share some info

Yesterday when i search about some tips for baby and i came across a site that share many tips about baby, it is very interesting and useful especially for first time parent like me.
The blog is own by a lady who have 17 years of experience in taken good care of baby and children. She is now willing to share all her knowledge in her blog. I have learn many new things about how to take care of my baby, if anyone is interested, please try to check out her blog at http://tripibabytips.blogspot.com/, i am sure you will find something helpful over there. Just to share with you, hope you enjoy the tips she was sharing.

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16 June 2009

glass baby feeding bottle

Why you want to use glass baby feeding bottle?

This is the question come out from my friends when i ask them where i can get one.Then i have to explain how plastic bottle will leak BPA, what BPA will cause? What i am worry about? But i always get a laugh from them that all parent are using plastic bottle to feed their baby and there have no problem, and said that i am too excited about my first baby.
Yes, i have to admit that i am a little too excited cause she is my very belove princess, so i will give the best that i can, although it may not be the best in the world.But as to the the risk of the bottle, i would rather pay more ( cause glass is more expensive than plastic about 3x ) than using something that may harm my little baby girl in the future.No, i really can't take the risk.
I didn't mean i can cut off all the risk that happen to my little girl, but will try my best to minimize it.Especially something that is within my reach. But the best choice is breast feeding and my wife manage to breast feed my little girl for about 2 months plus, and this really help her gain better health.
Anyway, if anyone don't like to use glass bottle cause scare of easily break can look for those non-BPA plastic bottle, i found them also in the same shop ( baby specialist shop ) but the price is much expensive than the glass. ( about 5x the glass bottle ).

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